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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Please wake me up!

I cant think any tittle beside it. Do you understand what it means? Now, I'm so so so not fine. I'm going to have an English test tomorrow to be check whether or not i have enough English to get grade 10. I feel so worried and tired and bored and not good . I'm afraid that i cant pass the exam. I dont wanna let my parents down. That would be bad for me and them. Shy and more...
*C'mon young lady, you're good more than you can think. Just try your best and you'll know. Good luck*

Hahahaha I'm cheering me up by myself.. Just read that part and no comment ya guys. Crazy me!!!
This morning i chatted with my lovely friend Bao Linh in Vietnam. She's a good friend of mine. i miss her so much. I wonder when will i can see her?

Yesterday i went to the market. Everything'll be fine until i saw some fruit chip bars which are from Vietnam. I began to read the Vietnamese text in them and then, I cried too much and too much and too much . So silly, right?
I'm going to go to the cinema at 7.30 pm. It must be fun xD

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Miss blogging damn much!

Finally, i'm back. How cool it is! And all i wanna say is i miss my blog, so much xD Uhm, long time since i wrote my previous entry, right? Now i'm living New Jersey, U.S with my family. Yub, that's my reason why i'm too busy to care about my blog. I moved from Vietnam to U.S, it's not happy like ya guys thought it's sad and home-sick. It's true, i miss my home in Vietnam, my friends, my favorite food. yesterday, i dreamed about foods named Goi cuon What a yummy dream and dotn want to wake up :(( Anw, my studying is the first priority so i have no choice =,= must go U.S to have a good environment to study Uhm, i think everything'll be fine ^^

Maybe i can go up grade 10. Hope so. Pray for me xD
*About my currently skin* Ye! I dont know why i choose this skin, i'm not yet 16 years old, just simplely is i think it's nice xD Do you thinkthe same?

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New skin, again :))

Ye~ My new skin. Hihi, i'm so greedy, right? Since i have too much free time, nothing to do so i made this skin . Do you think my skin is kool? Or not? I think it seems too much colors, doesnt it? But it has a problem :( the font size of my post is too big, i even change edit code many times but cant fix it :( who can help me, please!!! Comment for me Btw, i change my URL, it's ^^ relink me or not. Tha's okay! xD

Uhm, nothing to type more so bye bye

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